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My new RED INFUSION formulation surpasses any other trolling lure on the market, regardless of price. My RED INFUSION process immolates maximum light reflection, simulating an actual wounded bleeding bait.

This months SPECIAL

Junior Series

2" Head/6" Silicone Skirt High Speed Trolling Lure for

King-Dorado-Wahoo-Tuna. Great action on Outriggers

Colors: Chartreuse/Purple Chrome

Price $24.95 ea. + shipping

Skirts- 1.Blue/Crystal        2.Blue/Blk/Green

            3.Purple/Blk           4.Blue/Pink

Both Colors:   5.Rainbow

Torpedo Series

2" Sub Surface Torpedo Head/9" Silicone Skirt-High reflection 3D glitter pattern

Troll at any speed

Action in any position in your spread


Price $29.95 ea. + shipping

Colors: 1.Purple-Purple/Blk/Crystal Skirt


             3.Green-Green/Blk/Crystal Skirt

             4.Green/Chartreuse Skirt

             5.Orange-Orange/Blk Skirt

             6.Pink-Pink/Blue/Blk Skirt

             7.Red-Red/Blk Skirt

             8.Silver-Wh. Crystal/Root Beer Skirt

             9.Opaque Scale-Silver/Gold/Blk Skirt

                          (Ballyhoo Runner)

Tournament Series

3" Head/1 3/8" dia. Blunt Front/9" Silicone Skirt-3D scale pattern

Troll 2 to 6 knots-awesome results in any pattern &

on Flat lines


10 Available Colors

Price $39.95 ea. +shipping

Colors: 1.Purple-Purple/Blk/Crystal Skirt

             2.Lt. Blue-Blue/Crystal Skirt

             3.Green-Chartreuse Skirt

             4.Gold-Crystal/Gold/Blk Skirt

             5.Orange-Orange/Blk Skirt

             6.Pink-Pink/Blue/Blk Skirt

             7.Red-Red/Blk Skirt

             8.Silver-Purple/Blk Skirt

             9.Smoke-Silver/Blk Skirt

                     (not shown)

Grand Slam Series

4" Head-1 3/8" dia. Bullet/9" Skirt

3D Scale Pattern

Troll at 4 to 18 Knots-faster the troll, deeper the dive.

Plan your next Grand Slam with these Lures. Target King-Wahoo-Dorado-Sail-Marlin-Tuna

Price $39.95 ea. + shipping

Colors: 1.Purple-Purple/Blk/Crystal Skirt

             2. Lt Blue-Pink/Blue/Blk Skirt

             3.Green-Chartreuse Skirt

             4.Gold-Chrystal/Gold/Blk Skirt

             5.Orange-Orange/Blk Skirt

             6.Pink-Pink Skirt

             7.Red-Red/Blk Skirt

             8.Silver-Silver/Blk Skirt

             9.Smoke-Silver/Blk Skirt

Kona Series

3" Head/1-1/4" dia./22 degree Slant Front/Double 9" Silicone Skirt/3D Scale Pattern

Designed from a Legend Kona Tournament Classic.

The circular pressure area accelerates (smoke) or air bubbles as they pass thru the skirt. The result is a straight running lure. Lure creates a higher trolling speed, up to 18 knots.


Price: $39.95 + shipping

Colors: Purple-Purple/Black/Crystal Skirt

            Green-Green/Black/Crystal Skirt

            Chartreuse-Chartreuse Skirt

            Gold-Crystal/Gold/Black Skirt

            Fuchsia-Blue/Pink/Black Skirt

            Silver-Silver/Black/Purple Skirt

Squid Series

5 1/2" Lure/ 1 1/4" dia./9" Silicone Skirt

Troll at 3 to 14 knots

Troll deep - use weight in advance or plainer

* Fish as a lure

* Use as a teaser

* Use in Daisy Chain w/Bird or a Spreader Bar in advance of lure.

Colors: 1. Purple Chrome-Pink/Purple/Blk Skirt

             2. Green-Drk. Green/Green/Yellow Skirt

             3. Chartreuse-Green/Chartreuse Skirt

             5. Pink/Blue/Blk Skirt

             6. Natural-Opaque White Skirt

             8. Silver-Crystal/Gold/Blk Skirt 

Each Squid Features

High quality water clear resin.

3-D Prism Glitter coloring producing strong silhouette & maximum reflections. Movable & internal eyes are life like appearance, beads simulate clicking sound that activates fish feeding mechanism.

Price-$39.95 ea. + shipping


Magnum - 4"-1 3/4" dia. Blunt front Lure head/14" Silicone Skirt. Troll 2 to 6 Knot surface and also designed to fish 25' to 40' deep. Strobe light integrated in the Lure head flashes through out the entire Lure body. Large game fish can't resist this crazy hot attraction. Sail-Marlin-Tuna-Swordfish

Colors: 1.Chartreuse-Green/Chartreuse Skirt

             2.Chartreuse-Rainbow Skirt

             3.Dark Black/Blue Abalone-Purple/Blk./Crystal Skirt

             4.Dark Black/Blue Abalone-Blue/Pink Skirt

Price: $99.95 w/out strobe + shipping

          $129.95 w/strobe + shipping

Fathom Cruiser - 3" - 1 3/4" dia. Cone shaped head/14" Silicone Skirt. Troll 2 to 12 knots - surface or deep. Strobe light is integrated in the Lure head. Fish 25' to 40' feet. Strobe light gives off a soft glow approximately 6 feet in diameter. This lures large game fish and entices awesome strikes.

Colors: 1.Chartruese-Green/Chartreuse Skirt

             2.Chartruese-Rainbow Skirt

             3.Dark Black/Blue Abalone-Purple/Blk./Crystal Skirt

             4.Dark Black/Blue Abalone-Blue/Pink Skirt

Price: $99.95 w/out strobe + shipping

            $129.95 w/strobe + shipping

TKO Mini Bird Single Series

Troll at 4 to 12 knots

#1 Fish as a Lure w/hook w or w/out skirt

#2 Use as a Teaser w/Lure

#3 Use on a Daisy Chain or a Spreader Bar

4" length/plus 6" skirt Wt. 2 oz. - 3/4" dia.

Rigged: 130 lb. mono - 4'

133 lb. Barrel Swivel

100 lb. Barrel Snap

Price-$19.95 ea. + shipping


* Construction-Highest quality water clear resin

* 3-D Prism Scale coloring-produces strong silhouette & maximum reflections

* Eyes-movable & internal-more life like appearance

* 6 Colors: Orange-Green-Silver-Red-Purple-Pink-Blue

TKO Mini Bird Daisy Chain Combo

$44.95 ea. + shipping

3 Birds - Includes 6' rigging

The secret weapon Pro Charter Boat Captains

use successfully are Birds & Squids. Birds and Squid are proven to attract large predator game fish.

*Birds and Squid simulate a school of bait

*Produces tremendous splashing action

*Troll at 4 to 12 knots

*Beads produce clicking sound to simulate bait involved in a feeding frenzy

TKO 36" Stainless Super Flex Spreader Bar

*All Stainless Construction

*9 - 6" 3-D Holo Flake Double Silicone Skirts

*130 lb. Sufix Mono Leader

*200 lb. Barrel Swivel-75 lb. Snap

*5 Tail Snaps for Additional Baits

*Produces Tremendous Real Splashing Action

*Stimulates a School of Bait Fish in a Feeding Frenzy

Price: $87.95 + shipping

STROBE LIGHT KIT (Discount w/lure purchase)

REG. PRICE $19.95

With TKO Lure Purchase                                  $15.95

(Includes 3 batteries)

Use the Strobe Light Flasher on leader line under lure skirt.

The Strobe Light Flasher is battery powered & water

resistant, fresh or saltwater & reusable. To use the Strobe

Light Flasher, insert the batteries as instructed & twist the

cap to turn it on. Battery will last for approx. 30 hrs. Add

this to your arsenal of lures.

To order:

Complete order form and Fax or email to us.

[email protected] or Fax: 281-852-2330